Public Water Supply to Estates

An excerpt from the tabling of Budget 2012 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia:

"In the meantime, the government recognises there are still estates without supply of clean water. As a start, the government will allocate RM50 million to improve water supply facilities by connecting the reticulation system in the estates to the main pipes. The government also agrees that water supply authorities apply the domestic tariffs for estate workers’ quarters instead of the industrial tariffs charged currently. The Ministry of Human Resources will coordinate and monitor the implementation of the water supply."

To ensure the water supplied to workers is indeed clean and has been treated, it was determined that water supply connection from public sources is necessary, especially for drinking water to ensure the health of the estate population.

The programme also aims to:

  • Enhance cooperation, roles and responsibilities of the government and corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the plantation companies in providing public water supply at domestic charges in the estates; and
  • Improve the quality and standard of living of plantation communities through clean water supply from public sources to attract and retain locals to work in the plantation sector.

The programme covers the supply and installation of pipelines from public sources of the state water authorities to the estates that continue to supply water from other than public sources (e.g.: private sources). Priority for consideration of provision is based on the following primary conditions:

a)      estates of 1,000 acres or more with a distance of 5 kilometres or less from a public water supply source;

b)      number of housing units, employees and dependants involved;

c)      connection of the public water supply pipelines to the estate entrance/border/main water tanks (the nearest);

d)     connection made to nearby estates (cluster);

e)      consent and undertaking by plantation companies to provide an indoor piping system and maintenance from the main gate to the housing estates, i.e. water reticulation system such as pipes, tanks, pump house, booster (according to needs) and the provision of individual meters and charging of domestic rates;

f)       management permission to enter in order to undertake any plumbing work if it involves estate land;

g)      installation of main pipe does not span private lands, rivers, railroads, roads, etc.;

h)      approval by the state water authority/state water operator to supply adequate water from public sources; and

i)        estates that have submitted an application for approval of water supply from public sources to the state water authority/state water operator.

An allocation exceeding RM33 million was used by the Ministry of Human Resources for the Estate Public Water Supply Project between 2012 and 2013.


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