Incentive to Establish Childcare Centre in Private Sector

Childcare centres set up in the private sector are aimed at increasing women’s participation in the labour market. Employers are advised to provide childcare centres to help women employees undertake the care of their children. Setting up of the centre in the workplace is a corporate social responsibility in creating a caring society. This can indirectly increase the productivity of women in the employment sector.

The establishment of the centre can be made either at the workplace or in appropriate and safe place in the vicinity. To ensure that such a measure is implemented, the Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia has intensified promotion and awareness among employers to set up childcare centres in workplaces in order to attract the participation of women in the employment sector.

Objectives of setting up the centre

• To retain female workers in the labour market after they marry and start a family;

 •To increase the participation of housewives with families in the labour market;

 • To help build a harmonious society                                                                     


Management of the centre

Management of the childcare centre carried out without charge or for a reasonable fee for employees. Its management can be conducted as follows:

 • Employers manage the centre themselves;

 • Employers jointly manage with the relevant trade unions or cooperatives; and

 • Employers assign management functions to external operators but closely supervise it


Childcare Centre

The establishment of the centre in the workplace can be implemented:

  • Within the industry; and
  • Plantation sector


(a)   Childcare Centres within the Industry

The establishment of childcare centres within the industry is very important in order to increase the participation of women in the labour market.


Example of childcare facilities within the industry


Example of childcare facilities within the industry



(b)   Childcare Centres in the Plantation Sector

Employers in the plantation sector are required to build childcare centres if they have at least 10 children under the age of 4 years in the plantation housing estates. The centres in the plantation can ensure the safety and early education of the employees' children. Construction of the centres should be in accordance with the provisions of the Workers’ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act 1990.


The procedures to build or renovate the centres in plantations are as follows:

        i.            Employers who wish to build or renovate a worker’s house or childcare centre must submit 4 copies each of the building plan, site plan and septic tanks to the nearby Labour Office for approval; and


      ii.            When a house or childcare centre which plan has been approved is constructed, employers must notify the Labour Office so that its officer can make an inspection. If construction of the house or the centre meets the specifications of the approved plan, a Certificate of Fitness will be issued following which the house can be occupied or the centre can be used.



List of Childcare Centres








List of Childcare Centres in Private Companies


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Example of childcare centre in plantation sector


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