Foreign Workers Employment Forms

Forms & Checklists

Reports Related to Foreign Workers


Form PA 1/13

Report on the Employment of Foreign Workers (Section 60K(3) of the Employment Act 1955) (BM version only)

Appendix A

Details of foreign workers involved in termination (BM version only)

Form PA 2/13 – Foreign Worker Termination Report (Section 60KA of the Employment Act 1955)


Report Related to Foreign Domestic Workers


Form PDA 1/13

Report on Foreign Domestic Servants employed Section 57A(1) (BM Version Only)

Form PDA 2/13

Report on Terminated Foreign Domestic Servants (section 57B)


Application for Change of Employer


Document Checklist for Application for Letter of Support for Change of Employer for the Employment of JTKSM Foreign Workers (BM version only)


Application for Confirmation of Demand Letter for Nepalese Citizen Employees


Checklist for Application for Supporting Letter from JTKSM relating Change of Employer for Foreign Workers (BM version only)